Captioning a Video Using YouTube

I am currently doing a Professional Certificate in Web Accessibility Compliance through the University of South Australia. Part of the second assignment is to caption a video. Here is how I did it.

brief summary of captioning process:

  • Created a video, just over 2 minutes in length.
  • Listened to the audio of the video file, transcribed the audio, and created a transcription text file.
  • Created a Google – YouTube account.
  • Created a channel within that account – GAM Industries.
  • Uploaded my video to the YouTube GAM Industries channel.
  • Once uploaded, went to the video manager and selected my video for editing.
  • Chose the Sub Titles and CC tab within the video manager.
  • Chose to upload a file and uploaded my transcription file.
  • The transcribed text inserted itself into the video.
  • Sincranising of the audio and captioning was good. Surprisingly, when checking the video for audio and caption synchronisation, my screen reader read out the captions at the same time the video was playing.
  • When tagging the file within the YouTube GAM Industries channel used yt:cc=on as the last tag to force captions on when the file is viewed. Not too sure if this is a good idea though, as if you are a screen reader user, and view the video you get both the video playing with its audio and your screen reader reading the captions at the same time.
  • Saved and published the video.