CISCO Academy for the Vision Impaired (CAVI) Enrolments Now Open

CAVI Enrolments are now open for all courses.

Visit for CAVI course info

How do I apply?

Head on over to the application form Complete it, and email it to caviinfo at gmail dot com

What is CAVI?

CAVI is a Cisco Networking Academy based in Perth, Western Australia providing the following services, both nationally and internationally, to people who are totally or partially blind:

  • Accredited Cisco Networking Academy courses
  • Various non-Cisco IT courses and short courses
  • Life skills short courses
  • Podcasts

For more information contact CAVI by email: mailto:caviinfo at gmail dot com.

Orientation and mobility for people with deafblindness

Able Australia (Victoria) has developed a training program to help people understand the challenges that people with deafblindness face when navigating their way around their local community, including communicating with people who are DeafBlind. It can be viewed here: Orientation and mobility for people with deafblindness

including students with vision impairments in physical education

The Statewide Vision Resource Centre (Victoria) has produced a video presentation on including students with vision impairments in physical education.

The video shows equipment and provides strategies to help make PE more accessible. It also is a useful resource for parents who have a vision impairment as well.

The clip goes for about 25 minutes and is available online now here:
Presentation: Including Students With Vision Impairments in Physical Education

An audio guide to tax and super

Do you find it easier to listen to information about tax and superannuation than to read it? We’ve produced a range of audio guides about tax and super to meet this need.

Check out the ‘Protect your personal information’ guide which helps you avoid getting scammed. ‘Super basics – an audio guide’ provides a simple overview about how to manage your superannuation. Other audio guides focus on how to look after your business including how to lodge your business activity statement and managing your GST obligations.

To listen, visit:

Audio Description on ABC iview for desktop is now available

AD on iview for desktop is now available.

ABC iview’s media player on the web is keyboard-accessible and works best with JAWS 16 and IE11. The player will also work with NVDA and IE11. Any other browser and screenreader combination may not be supported.

If you have any Difficulties you can view the troubleshooting guide for audio description and screen readers

You can find the list of AD programs currently available here: iview Audio Described Programs.

Happy viewing