Thanks for the Votes

Have been back for a few days now, after attending the Blind Citizens Australia 2013 National Convention. And what a great convention it was; packed full of interesting topics, great information and fantastic interaction with fellow members.

At the AGM on Sunday 27 I was elected as the new President of blind Citizens Australia.

Thank you to those who voted for me, and thank you to all those who have wished me well and given their support.

It is going to be a very busy time ahead. I am ready for it and hope the leadership I provide is what the members of BCA are looking for.

President of People with Disability WA

What a busy week this has been. Board meetings and A couple of AGM’s on top of work. On Thursday 24 October, at the People with Disability Wa AGM, I was elected President of PWdWa.

Thanks to all who have given me their support, and for the many well wishes I have received.

Past President, Monica McGhie, has led the organisation with great passion and a good ear to the ground, giving PWdWA great insight into the issues being faced by Western Australian’s with a disability.

I hope to lead as well as Monica has, and with people with disability, our members and the WA community hope to position the organisation so it can continue it’s work on improveing lives and reducing barriers for all people with disability.

WordPress Course is go!

Today we are into our 5th week of a WordPress course specifically targeted to people who are blind or vision impaired.

check out courses at

These Votes really Did Count!

Saturday saw the Australian people elect a new government, and for the first time for many citizens who are blind or vision impaired, they were able to participate thanks to the Australian  Electral Commission accessible voting strategy.


We needed 2,000 people to use the system for it to be considered a success; that figure was reached with a week to go, with the final number of votes at 2,832.


Thanks to all of you out there who made it possible, and thanks to all those who took the opportunity to use the system and take part .  It has sent a strong message that removing barriers is all it takes to improve participation.