Our VI Tours

After attending a Tourism conference in Singapore, George Booth, a travel agent in Perth, contacted me with an idea to put together overseas tours that were tailored for people who were Blind or vision impaired.

So in February of 2010 we took a group of travelers who were Blind or vision impaired on our first VI tour, starting with Singapore. We have had great success with these tours over the past 9 years and went on our 9th tour in 2018 to Vietnam.

George is currently working on our 10th tour for May 2020.

Here is a links list of places we have been with a travel blog for each.

Our 9th VI Tour has now been completed!

For over 10 years George Booth has designed and escorted tours for people who are blind or vision impaired to many cities in South East Asia, China and New Zealand delivering many exciting experiences, appealing to the senses, with interesting content inclusions to ensure maximum enjoyment on tour.

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