Paw-fect improvements at Perth Airport

Two new Service Animal Relief Areas, one in Terminal 1 and one in Terminal 4, are now making it easier for passengers travelling with an assistance animals.

Perth Airport’s Chief Commercial Officer Kate Holsgrove said Perth Airport was committed to making travel more accessible for all passengers and that these new facilities would improve their travel experience significantly.

“We’re continually looking at opportunities to improve access for people travelling with a disability and the new facilities are part of our commitment to making our airport more accessible for all.

“When people with service animals travel, they are obviously keen to ensure that their animal is cared for in the best possible way, whether that be pre or post flight”

“The locations of the new facilities have been chosen to allow quick and easy access, particularly while waiting on baggage or following the check-in process” Ms Holsgrove said.

Perth Airport’s Access and Inclusion Customer Reference Group has provided valuable feedback and advice on the travel experience and suggested improvements which could be made to infrastructure and operations at Perth Airport.

“The purpose of the Perth Airport Access and Inclusion Customer Reference Group is to advocate for accessibility, discuss barriers to inclusion and improve the customer experience for people with disabilities”

“The group has allowed us to work together to create a more inclusive airport for Western Australia. We thank everyone involved who has helped us with this project, in particular VisAbility, Blind Citizens WA, and People with Disabilities WA”

“We are committed to continuing these consultative forums to discuss the issues and barriers that people with disability experience while travelling,” Ms Holsgrove said.

David Voscanos, Accessibility Specialist at VisAbility, said that the new areas provide passengers with service animals a more private and fit for purpose facility which will improve the travel experience for people with disability.

“It has been great working with the Perth Airport team on this initiative and we look forward to participating in other future projects to improve access for all at our airport,” said Erica Webb from Blind Citizens WA.

Greg Madson from People with Disabilities WA said that the new areas were a great initiative and provide some additional certainty that his service animal Memphis will be more comfortable and happier on his journey when he travels to and from Perth.

Memphis the dog also gave his “woof” of approval today when trialling the new facilities.

In addition to a number of customers, the following organisations are represented on Access and Inclusion Customer Reference Group:

  • Department of Communities
  • National Disability Services
  • Melissa Northcott, Ability Centre Australasia LtdBoard Director
  • VisAbility
  • Muscular Dystrophy WA
  • People With Disabilities (WA)
  • Blind Citizens WA
  • Autism WA
  • Council on the Ageing
  • The design elements of the new service animal relief areas include”:

    • Wall mounted water bowl
    • Signage (including braille)
    • Distress assistance/ cleaning assistance call button connected to the Airport Control Centre
    • Paper towel dispenser and waste receptacle
    • Accessible wash basin with shroud and mixer
    • Wall mounted soap dispenser
    • Audio instructions activated by a push button
    • Surface mounted waste receptacle
    • Wall mounted dog waste bag dispenser
    • Non-slip, removable astro-turf
    • Slip resistant floor finish
    • Retractable wall mounted hose unit

    Corporate Affairs
    Perth Airport

Videos about the National Disability Insurance Scheme on the deafblind information hub

The deafblind information hub has released a set of videos about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) they are available in two different formats. Auslan with captions matching the Auslan, and Auslan with audio, including audio description with the captions matching the spoken English.

You can access them here:videos about the National Disability Insurance Scheme

OZeWAI national accessibility conference coming to Perth in February 2020

OZeWAI, Australia’s national digital accessibility conference, has announced that it will be holding its next gathering in Perth, Western Australia and co-locating with the Perth Web Accessibility Camp (PWAC). The camp will be held 11-13 February 2020.

In an e-mail announcement, it was stated that:

“OzeWAI is partnering with the Perth Web Accessibility Camp (PWAC) to host the Australian Accessibility Conference. Our conference aim is to enhance the professional understanding of accessibility across Australia through networking, education and industry certification.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn about and contribute to the future direction of accessibility.
  • Collaborate in the accessibility ‘Shark Tank’
  • Undertake internationally recognised industry certification exams
  • Celebrate achievements in accessibility”

The OZeWAI conference has been running for over 20 years with this marking its first time being held in Perth. By co-locating with the seventh Perth Web Accessibility Camp the move ensures that attendees will be supported whether they are just starting out on the accessibility journey or are seasoned digital access professionals.

Additional information can be found on the OZeWAI website You can also view a selection of PWAC 2019 highlights

Australian Accessibility Conference in 2020 in Perth, Western Australia.

Australian Accessibility Conference (OZeWAI and PWAC)
11th – 13th February 2020 at VisAbility at Victoria Park.

Australian Accessibility Conference

OZeWAI is the Australian Web Accessibility Initiative and PWAC is the Perth Web Accessibility Camp, these two events have joined together with the Centre for Accessibility to create the Australian Accessibility Conference.

Perth Web Accessibility Camp 2019

All had a great day and learned something useful to their work. The team has started adding photos and presentation slides to the website if you’d like to check them out.

The 2019 Perth Web Accessibility Camp was held on 12 February at VisAbility and a fantastic day was had by all. With over 100 people in attendance and a great diversity of presentations, it was a great opportunity to talk about digital access from a variety of perspectives. Here’s a selection of Dr Scott Hollier’s personal highlights from the Camp.

Highlights from Dr Scott Hollier