An audio guide to tax and super

Do you find it easier to listen to information about tax and superannuation than to read it? We’ve produced a range of audio guides about tax and super to meet this need.

Check out the ‘Protect your personal information’ guide which helps you avoid getting scammed. ‘Super basics – an audio guide’ provides a simple overview about how to manage your superannuation. Other audio guides focus on how to look after your business including how to lodge your business activity statement and managing your GST obligations.

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History Of Speech Synthesis

This very intresting YouTube video on The History Of Speech Synthesis outlines the progress of Speech Synthesis.

Speech Synthesis is also used by people who are blind or vision impaired to have content when using computers voiced back to them.

Youtube Clip on the History Of Speech Synthesis

Australian Banknotes: Assisting People with Vision Impairment

Bulletin – March Quarter 2015
Australian Banknotes: Assisting People with Vision Impairment
Kylie Springer, Priya Subramanian and Terence Turton


A key function of the Reserve Bank is to design and produce banknotes that meet the needs of all sections of the community. The Bank has consulted a wide range of subject matter experts and stakeholders to ensure that the next generation of Australia’s banknotes reflects Australia’s cultural identity, is secure and remains functional. One aspect of functionality is that the banknotes are accessible to people with vision impairment. This article outlines the work the Bank has undertaken to meet the needs of the vision-impaired community, from the paper decimal banknote series that was issued in 1966 through to the forthcoming next generation series of banknotes.

Australian Banknotes: Assisting People with Vision Impairment – YouTube Clip

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presenting a very special inclusive children’s book to you and your organization. ‘SNIZZLY SNOUTS’ offers a unique reading experience for all. The children can read with their ears, see with their fingers and feel with their eyes!

This book with CD (Daisy/MP3 or standard audio) was published in 2014 by two sight loss organizations from different countries: NCBI (Ireland) and Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde (Belgium). The original Dutch version ‘RARE SNUITERS’ has been very successful in Belgium and the Netherlands. It has received several awards, including a prestigious ‘White Raven Special Mention’ from the International Youth Library (Munich).

‘SNIZZLY SNOUTS’ offers many educational possibilities for different ages (5-12). It is also a great Christmas present for children with or without reading disabilities.

How does ‘SNIZZLY SNOUTS’ work? This book is very attractive in a visual, tactile and auditive way. The different senses are engaged through tactile pictures, vivid contrasting colours, clear lettering, Braille and audio. Children with and without reading impairment can share their experiences and discover each other’s way of ‘seeing’. The Braille alphabet has also been included – it can be learned by sight or by touch, so that all readers can decode the hidden messages in the book.

The audio CD contains the poems and a verbal description of the whole book. But it also serves as a true GPS for the fingers, cleverly guiding listeners to explore the pictures. In this way, all children learn playfully to broaden their experience of life. See for a demo!

We get lots of lovely feedback from all kinds of readers: blind, sighted, partially sighted and deafblind children and parents, dyslexic children, teachers from regular and special schools, book and poetry lovers… Children with autism spectrum disorder are also fond of the book. (Read some reactions at the bottom of this post.)

NCBI and Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde are selling this unique, non-commercial publication at cost price: 29,95 euro. You can order ‘SNIZZLY SNOUTS’ from the NCBI webshop

For more information, see

A French and a Dutch version are also available: see


Please feel welcome to ask us any questions!

Kind regards,

Lina Kouzi
NCBI, Ireland

Jan Dewitte (author of the book)
Blindenzorg Licht en Liefde – Solidarity in Sight, Belgium