Peter Greco Interviews Greg Madson on Vision Extra

Our Guest on Vision Extra is Greg Madson, Candidate for President of Blind Citizens Australia.

You can hear Greg’s interview, go to
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About GAM Industries

GAM Industries was set-up in 2013 as a company created and operated by Greg Madson to disseminate information on accessibility for people who are blind or have low vision.

GAM Logo

GAM Logo

Making up the logo of the company – the image that appears as seen above is a representation of the word gam in braille.

If you are looking for a website builder with experience in design for Accessibility , assistive technology training, or advice on how to make your website accessible to people with a disability, I can assist.

WordPress Course is go!

Today we are into our 5th week of a WordPress course specifically targeted to people who are blind or vision impaired.

check out courses at

These Votes really Did Count!

Saturday saw the Australian people elect a new government, and for the first time for many citizens who are blind or vision impaired, they were able to participate thanks to the Australian  Electral Commission accessible voting strategy.


We needed 2,000 people to use the system for it to be considered a success; that figure was reached with a week to go, with the final number of votes at 2,832.


Thanks to all of you out there who made it possible, and thanks to all those who took the opportunity to use the system and take part .  It has sent a strong message that removing barriers is all it takes to improve participation.